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Advanced Candlestick Course

Once you have mastered the basic candlestick signals and their applications with technical analysis, you are ready to move on to the next level. Be ready for an intensive practical course in advanced candlestick trading.

The course agenda will be as follows:

  • Review of the Major Candlestick Signals

The major candlestick signals taught in our basic course will be reviewed to get everyone up to speed.

  • Gaps

Concepts of using gaps for support and resistance is explained. The four different types of gaps will be thoroughly analyzed. Application of gaps for high probability profitable trading is demonstrated.

  • Questions

The training session will conclude by an open question-answer forum.



All the above explanations will be accompanied by a lot of charts. Attendees will be given copies of material covered during the day.



To see the latest course schedule and sign up, please click here.

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