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Basic Candlestick Course

There is hardly anything basic about this course. It is designed to transform the investment psychology of all those who complete it. By the end of the course, participants will be equipped with the complete knowledge of the major candlestick signals. They will gain the confidence to enter into positions when an entry condition is depicted by the signals. They will learn the explosive combination of candlestick signals with technical analysis. The high probability profitable trade set up will be fully explained.

The course agenda will be as follows:

  • Basics and construction of Candlesticks

The psychology behind the construction of candlesticks will be fully explained. Various candle formations will be illustrated and their significance revealed. Use of stochastics as an oscillator will be described.

  • Major Candlestick signals

In-depth study and application of the major candlestick signals will be accomplished. Nuances of trading the individual signals will be emphasized.

  • Candlesticks with Trendlines and Trend channels

Concept of support & resistance is explained. Application of candlesticks to trendlines and trend channels is demonstrated.

  • Candlesticks with Moving Averages

Concept of Moving Averages is explained. Application of candlestick signals with moving averages is studied in detail.

  • Stop Losses with candlesticks

The stop loss scenarios for all major candlestick signals is explained in detail. This is one of the most essential pieces of the trading puzzle.

  • Candlesticks with weekly / Intra-Day timeframes

Application of candlesticks to longer term investing with weekly charts and also short term trading with intra-day charts is illustrated.

  • Trading tips

'Tools of the trade' type of trading tips will be provided. These tools will help in avoiding costly mistakes as well as help in achieving consistent results in trading.

  • Trade analysis

Trades will be analyzed on a day by day basis. The reasoning behind entering a trade, the thought process involved thereafter each day and the reasoning for taking profits is evaluated to give the trainees complete understanding of the candlestick trading process. This will be extremely beneficial to the trainees.

  • Questions

The training session will conclude by an open question-answer forum.


All the above explanations will be accompanied by a lot of charts. Trainees will be given copies of material covered during the day.




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