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This site is devoted to the study of candlestick signals and the effective use of candlestick charting for trading and investing in stocks.

Candlestick charting has been around for nearly four centuries in the east. The Japanese rice traders have long been minting profits from their accurate knowledge of the psychology behind candlesticks.

They had realized long back that the markets are a function of the emotions of the traders involved. Prices are dynamic. Prices change as the perception of the traders change. They studied various candlestick formations and analyzed their accuracy in predicting price reversals and price continuations.

From 1990's, with the advent of computer technology, displaying candlestick charts became relatively easy. What was not so easy was the correct application and understanding of the signals. Most of those who taught the application of the signals, either portrayed it as too complex for the common man, or did not provide a clear understanding of the basics of the signals.

Through extensive research, it has been found that out of about 60 signals defined in the candlestick world, only about 12 -14 signals happen repeatedly and with predictable outcome. Concentrating on just these signals can provide the candlestick trader with more opportunities than he or she can handle.

We will focus this website on the study and correct application of these so called 'Major candlestick signals'. These signals generate new opportunities everyday for traders and investors alike to enhance their portfolio returns.



We plan to make this site one of the best educational sites for gaining trading and investing knowledge via the use of candlesticks.

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The author and publisher disclaim legal or other responsibilities for any losses incurred by anyone following the methods in the following books. Readers are advised to use professional guidance before making any specific investments.

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