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How Green is your Portfolio?




Today is Earth Day. People celebrate this day by doing something beneficial to the environment. They plant trees, drive less, conserving gas, turn off lights in unoccupied rooms and so on. Primary reasons for doing these things are to conserve natural resources on Earth and also to mitigate pollution. 

One of the major pollution contribution factors in this world is the sheer number of automobiles on the road. The numbers, current and projected, are huge. Every car burning gas contributes in some way to the pollution. Even a $120/gallon gas is not sufficient to deter people from driving less in their normal daily course (except maybe on this symbolic Earth day). This insatiable demand for gas is projected to rise even more as people in developing countries begin to afford buying cars. The most commonsense solution to get away from this problem is to develop alternate forms of renewable fuels. 

Many companies today are engaged in doing just that. Some companies are heavily invested in developing Solar energy, some in Wind power and others in Nuclear power. Of all the alternatives that exist today, solar development companies have been remarkably prominent in getting investor attention. Publicly traded solar companies have seen their stock price tripled, quadrupled and more. Investors have been handsomely rewarded for investing in these companies. Imagine if one of these companies can bring forth a viable alternative for auto fuel! The demand would be very high for such a technological breakthrough. Not only will the product help with minimizing pollution, but would also reduce dependence on a natural commodity which has the potential to run out someday. 

As a candlestick stock trader, you have the advantage of profiting one more way from this alternative fuel industry. Using the candle charts for correctly setting your entry and exit points will assure you of high profits. Many of these solar companies have a high degree of volatility which the candlestick trader can profit from. Here are some charts showing excellent trade points from the past. Remember, candlestick signals and patterns will form again and again. The key is train one’s eyes to recognize and correctly interpret them. Once this skill is mastered, you will find opportunities in most of the charts you look.

Have a happy Earth day.

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