Why should you learn candlestick signals?




Here are some of the inherent advantages for candlestick users:


  • Candlestick signals have been studied and used for over 400 years. So they have a solid foundation backing them.

  • Candlestick charts include all information used for Line charts as well as Bar charts.

  • Most western technical analysis can be applied to candlestick charting.

  • Candlestick signals can be applied to most every market- stocks, commodities, currencies.

  • Candlestick signals work in all time frames, - Intra-day, Daily, Weekly, Monthly.

  • Candlestick signals are real-time. They depict what other investors and traders are doing in that stock at that point in time.

  • Candlestick signals make stop-loss procedure extremely simple and intuitive.

  • Using candlestick signals and patterns gives traders a methodology to base their trading on.

  • Analysis of candlestick signals lets you decide proper exit points to take profits.

  • Candlestick signals work in bull markets as well as bear markets.

  • Candlestick signals can be applied to international markets, so one can take advantage of investing in them.

  • Candlestick signals visually depict investor psychology at important technical levels. This gives a trader the information he needs well ahead of his competitor. That translates into higher profits and lower stop losses.

  • Candlesticks can be applied to properly invest in Mutual funds and ETF’s.

  • Candlesticks give a visual interpretation of the market dynamics which makes it easy to understand.

  • Candlestick charting provides gap/window information. This can be profitably used by traders.

We believe proper application of the major candlestick signals can help map the path for a better financial future.

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