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Help the Markets are falling




As everyone knows, stocks and markets do not just go up. The point seems very trivial, but unfortunately most people do not take advantage of it. They are trained by circumstances and psychology to only buy things and sell them once they appreciate in value. To do the reverse needs a change in investor psychology. The idea of selling first (shorting or buying puts) and buying back later at a lower price is perceived dangerous and reserved only for the elite few.

That is a very wrong perception. 

If the markets are going to go up and down, why not make money both ways? Why buy when the markets are going up and keep holding when they are going down, just to see all profits disappear and replaced by losses? There is absolutely nothing wrong in shorting shorts to take advantage of declining prices. 

Candlestick analysis provides excellent reversal signals for entering short positions. The Evening starBearish HaramiDark CloudShooting Star and Hanging Man signals depict when the investor psychology is turning negative and indicate potential high profit short position trades. 
When the market sells off, some individual stocks might decline rapidly and yield far higher percentage returns. They might show excellent technical patterns like Inverse head & Shoulders or rounding top.

Remember that the candlestick signals have been around for nearly 400 years. They have a high degree of accuracy built into them. All you need to do is get the right knowledge and apply it to your portfolio. It is very easy to complain that the market is falling and suffer losses. If one needs superior returns, then taking the time to correctly educate themselves is the key. Proper application of candlestick analysis and the stop-loss procedures will ensure that your losses remain small (even if you are shorting) and your profits run higher.

Profitable Candlestick Charting’s Basic and Advanced course will help you to attain the proper tools for exploiting the market ups and downs. Please see our latest course schedule here

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